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April 12, 2018

So much has happened since my last blog! It's hard to believe how much growth has happened, all the new products that have come in, and the number of repeat customers is so exciting!! I have been busy finding (read - eating!) new products to share with you, refilling my shelves with my best sellers, and researching new ways to grow the business. Where to start first?


Charcuterie is probably one of my favorite words (next to Paella and Champagne). One of my goals with Farmgirl is to have a robust Charcuterie offering so that you can not only WOW your guests with beautiful meat & cheese platters, but also so that you can come in and grab a simple picnic or snack for the beautiful summer nights quickly approaching. One of the challenges is that we don't have refrigeration just yet, so I've been looking for shelf-stable products to make this dream a reality. Enter - ElevatioN (right here in Denver)! They have a wide array of salami that doesn't need to be refrigerated until AFTER you open it - so it can sit on the shelf due to the curing process. I've selected a few flavors to start, but am looking forward to adding to that line very soon. 

What Charcuterie is complete without preserves and mustards? NONE! Which is why I've been busy finding some righteous mustards (Shiso Fine Umami Mustard and Beer Mustard from Anarchy in a Jar, and Trois Petits Cochons Mustard from France), and last, but certainly not least, some super creative and ridiculously good preserves from Anarchy in a Jar (Hudson Valley, NY) and Red Camper (Denver, CO).


Yes, cookbooks! I know many of us live in the world of Pinterest for recipes these days, but I love to spend a quiet afternoon curled up with a glass of wine, pouring over new cookbooks. When I chose the ones I'm carrying, I wanted to be sure to stay true to my principals of eating clean and delicious food with my family. I think I've found several that hit all those hot points. The Dude Diet is all about making "dirty" food "clean"; fully of great pictures, simple and easy to follow recipes, this one has already been quite a hit! Dishing Up The Dirt has amazing farm fresh recipes that really show off the beauty of fresh produce. Always good for a bit of fun is Anthony Bourdain, and his latest cookbook, Appetites, does not disappoint! Eating together as a family is key in The Family Table, where you will find family and schedule friendly recipes that make dinnertime a breeze! Finally, A Girl and Her Pig is for all you carnivores out there; restaurant-quality food that is so unpretentious, even the worst cook can create a feast with this one!


We got our new logo and it looks amazing! I'm so happy with the results. I really wanted something simple, clean and rustic - the way I like my food! Additionally, I'm launching some local marketing efforts for local businesses with a 20% discount off their first purchase, and as always, military and first responders receive 10% off every item every day.

I can't wait to see where the next 3 months takes us and hope that you'll all join me for this amazing ride!

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