Happy Fall Y'all

October 2, 2018

Having grown up in Southern California we didn't get much of a "Fall". I remember September and October were just hot and windy. As an elementary school student I can vividly remember trying to walk to the bus stop and those Santa Ana winds would literally cause me to walk almost bent in half so that they wouldn't knock this little gal on her butt.

The year I lived on the East Coast was the first true Fall that I experienced and it changed me. I learned to appreciate the ebb and flow of the seasons, to marvel at how God puts the trees into a deep sleep so that they can build up the energy needed to bloom again in the spring, and how to try and do the same for myself; I need to rest as well so that I have the energy to bloom. I fell in love with everything apple, embraced the changing colors around me, found myself curling up more with a blanket and a good book, stopping to breathe the crisp air, and remembering just why I love bubble baths so much!

Fall in Colorado may not be all that it is in New England, but damn, it is beautiful here! I love the colors of the Aspens, and even seeing the scrub oak change colors brings a smile to my face. I leave the crockpot out now, I start baking again, and this year I've been busy canning - 46 pounds of grapes are being turned into jelly and jam right this very minute!

The handsome, handy hubby has been out archery hunting for the first time. Football is on our TV again (go Broncos!), Baseball playoff's are exploding, the boys are busy with work and school, we just had Homecoming, and I'm trying to start winterizing the yard. It's busy around here and I'm trying to remember to take a few minutes each day to rest so that I can have the energy to bloom tomorrow.

We've been busy at the Farmer's Market at Douglas County High School this summer and it's been fantastic! This weekend is the last market of the season and while I'll enjoy sleeping in on Saturdays, I'll miss the friendly faces I've come to know. The shop is doing well and is loaded up with new fun Fall products (have you tried the Pumpkin Lemonade yet?!), and I'm working away finding new Holiday products and trying to get some Keto-friendly items as well. Most exciting, however, is that our online store is now LIVE!!! It's been months of hard work, experimentation, and education, but it's official, it's live and I can't wait for you to check it out.

I have about 100 jelly jars calling me so I must attend to them, but I hope that you are all enjoying Fall as much as I am, and remember, you need to rest a bit so that you can bloom as well. Take care, and enjoy this beautiful season!

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